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Visit Lostine, Oregon

Lostine is the gateway to Lostine River and many of the trailheads into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Recommended trails: Maxwell Lake and the East Fork Lostine River to the Lake Basin Area.

The theme of Lostine is century old businesses. The M. Crow General Store  has been in business for over a hundred years. M. Crow not only sells groceries, clothing, and other items, they also have their own microbrew and yummy handmade pizza. M. Crow serves as the social hub and soul of the small but tight-knit Lostine community.

Lostine is a hot little hub in Wallowa County and yet has a population of less than 200 (including cats and dogs). Be sure to put the Blue Banana Coffee House and Antique store as a must see and do for Lostine.

Maxwell Lake Area
East Fork Lostine River Trail
Blue Banana Coffee House, Lostine OR